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We are neighbours now

Fluttering fans, magical boxes and a noisy sewing machine…

Odissi_grannar_affisch A2_3.0_ web.jpeg

Children 6-9.  Schools and family


It is dawn and three new neighbours have moved into the block creating voluntary and involuntary encounters in small elevators, winding attic stairs and out in the yard. It is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult to get to know each other. There are infinite ways to say hello. The performance is followed by a short workshop.


Based on Indian classical dance, flamenco and West African dance Ulrika, Josefine and Karin meet in rhythm, sound and movement together with three big transformable boxes.

Odissi dansproduktion has worked in a residence in Jordbro Kultur och föreningshus and together with school classes worked thematically around neighbourliness and accommodation.


Choreography & dance: Ulrika Larsen, Josefine Chiacchiero, Karin Ericson

Music: composition Henric Karlsson

Costume: Josefine Chiacchiero & the ensemble

Scenography: Henric Karlsson

Dramaturgical adviser Bodil Persson

Photo: Christer Folkesson/sinduda Studio

Film and editing: Laura Fernandez Garcia


Booking and info: Ulrika- 070 485 30 08,

Contact for link on Vimeo to  the full length performance.

Produced by Odissi Dansproduktion with support from Statens Kulturråd, Region Stockholm and Stockholms Stads Kulturförvaltning in collaboration with Jordbro Kultur och föreningshus and ZebraDans

Creative workshops 

For link to full lenght performance- contact

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